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Monday, February 06, 2006

SAHM today, SAHM tomorrow

So today was my first real day as a stay at home mum. Weird huh?

Well, I know I'm theoretically still employed and merely on leave at the moment (and this week was booked ages ago), but I have nothing more to do for work, and nothing planned or booked in (actually, i do have a couple of meetings booked in, but I told my boss that I'm not going to attend them), so as the song says "I sound like a housewife. Hey ...., I think I'm a housewife"

Anyway, not looking forward to an infinity of days at home with the kids, I found myself a coffee morning to attend today, so this morning I dropped Mstr A off at school, ran the 2nd hand uniform sale, strolled down to town & bought LMD new shoes (she can take 6-10 steps at a tim now, and has reaslised that it's good to walk), I wandered over to the cafe & spent a couple of hours chatting to other mums, while the kids played with the same toys as they aren't at all interested in at home.

It was nice. nice people, relaxing chat, no stress. then we went off and had some lunch, looked around the book shop for the book i wanted to spend my Xmas money on (they seem to have stopped stocking it - I'll check amazon later), then strolled home with a stop at the bakers & greengrocers for fresh food. By the time we got home, both the girls were asleep, so I had time to make a nice supper, before fetching Mstr A from school.

I will definitely need to find some other activities to attend - it makes the day much shorter & more structured. But somehow I feel very decadent. I know that bringing children up is a vital job, but I feel like I haven't done anything useful today at all, just had a "day off". very strange.


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