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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I went shopping today - not terribly interesting I know, but while there I saw some gorgeous looking chocolate cheesecakes on special offer. You know the ones - from the superior/finest/best range, in individual glass pots, generally costing more than your whole dinner.

I did um and ah over them for a while, but thought it really was a stupid buy, even if they were on offer, so mollified myself with buying cheap chocolate desserts of the common variety (in plastic pots, costing the same as the soft drink you have with your dinner.

The kids werevery good and polished off platefuls of their dinner, so were rewarded with these special desserts (the poor deprived things usually get fruit, yoghurt or maybe rice pudding!).

Now all my children smell of chocolate.

mmmmmmmmmm. Breathe it in. mmmmmmmmmmm.


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