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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lost in Lisburn

So here we are, happily ensconced in NI. The travelling was not fantastic - we were supposed to fly out of Bristol at 8am, and it's only a 50min flight, so I packed up a load of sandwiches, crisps and chewy bars, and 6 little bottles of drinks, and traipsed off to the airport for 7am. We hung around in the departure lounge for an hour, then our flight was called. As we had young children we counted as pre-boarders, so checked in, walked through the doors with ine other family & then they closed boarding. There was a problem with the plane. Everyone else was told to sit down again, but we were already boarded, so hung around.

20 minutes later they said it would be a long wait & de-boarded us. So we ended up stuck in the departures lounge for another couple of hours! The kids were pretty well behaved really, but by the time we finally boarded they had completely used up their store of imaginative games, eaten all the food & finished all the drink!

LMD screamed the whole flight! But the other two were great.

BiL (nearly) collected us from the airport in Belfast & dropped us of at their home in Lisburn, then scooted off back to work, leaving uhs to our own devices for the day. We strolled into Lisburn proper for some very yummy luch, and a look around the shops, and got lost on the 1mile walk back! Oh well. It was still fun:-)

Anyway, the boys are playing really well together, Sister A (A trainee Psych Ed) has given me loads of info about Autism & Asbergers (which she also thinks fits Mstr A perfectly), and we had a good long chat last night about life, weddings, kids, childhood, our parents and stuff. It's nice, because we don't talk that much really - I'm not good on the phone.

We're taking the kids into Belfast today, so update later...


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