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Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's Party Time

It's LMD's first Birthday party today (her birthday is on Monday). Sister S (she of guest blog fame) and cousin G arrived yesterday to help celebrate the big day, and this afternoon I've rather stupidly invited millions of children to my house to have a party.

I thought I'd be clever & invite people that have siblings of similar ages to Mstr A & LMB, but when I was working out who was coming yesterday, I realised that means there are going to be LOADS of children. I've only invited four or five families, which semed ok at the time. They all have three kids. I have my three, plus cousin G. Damn, that's like 20 kids! And it's freezing - I can't throw them out in the garden like I do for Mstr A & LMB's birthdays!

I'm also completely not organised for this party (I'm only having one because Mstr A desperately wanted her to have one). The house is still a mess, I haven't got any food sorted out, I haven't even thought of games and stuff!

It's going to be a busy morning.

Still, sis & I had a lovely long chat last night (Aggie played Eve all night!), and treated ourselves to Chinese take-out - the first brought meal of the year, which tasted even better because it was a treat. Hopefully Nanny A will arrive nice and early & help tidy a bit:-) Especially since CQ refused the invite - some rubbish about being ski-ing;-)

UPDATE 7.30pm - well it's over! 11 children turned up all together, ranging from 9months to 6 years old. Complete chaos ensued for 2 hours:-) There were many tears, but always easily dried, all the kids ate plenty of rubbish food, lovely presents were recieved, the playhouse door was broken:-( A delightful child pooed on our stairs then happily walked it around most of the house before we noticed, causing me Aggie, Nanny A & Sister S to spend half an hour on our knees scrubbing the carpet! My head hurts. My throat is sore. The house is not as bad as I thought it might be, but certainly needs a bloody good tidy up again before my mother turns up tomorrow afternoon!

In future LMD's birthday parties will be held somewhere else:-)


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