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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Rest

Ahh, Sunday at last. I was was woken at 6am as usual by LMD wanting food & felt really rough, so bought her into bed with us & tried to go back to sleep while she fed. It nearly worked, but just as we were both dropping off, LMB appeard at the bedroom door.

"poo poo mummy". "change me"

I kicked Mr A and made him sort her out & tried to finish LMD feed & put her back to sleep. It was a bit of a struggle, but I finally managed to get her off and started to relax myself when Mr A returned. His sniffing & coughing kept me awake for another 10 mins before I decided to stop lying there feeling like crap and went off to have a very hot shower.

That made me feel much better, so as all was still quiet, I crawled back into bed & tried for a bit more sleep. 3 minutes late Mstr A was up. I sent him downstairs to play on th Nintendo, & he took LMB with him, so I did get a full half hours kip before LMB came up to tell me it was time to wake up.

Got up, changeed her again! Tidied the kitchen from Mr A's cooking last night, and made breakfast of local organic suasages, bacon & eggs.

Yummy, and a great cure for sniffles as the sausages were mostly pepper & ginger! I'm ready to face the day now. I'm oping to get some DIY done, wrap some of the Xmas pressies, fix Mstr A's puncture & start teaching him to ride his bike without stabilisers, go visit the huskies (and our friends who own them), and tidy up a bit.

but first I'm going to watch the news & cruise some blogs:-)

UPDATE @ 2pm: Done a bit of tidying & a minute bit of DIY, but I've also managed to cook a full Sunday Lunch of Roast Beef, Roast potatoes, Broccoli, Yorkshire Pudding, gravy & apple pie & ice-cream for dessert. Yummy yummy. I hardly ever do Sunday roasts, so it's even nicer when I manage it:-)

Who will be my 5000th visitor? We're nearly there already - it seems only a few weeks ago I was wondering who the 1000th would be!


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