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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Google Images Meme

This meme is going round. I was tagged by Dave, So here's mu attempt. The idea is to find and post the first Google images (all with copyrights!! all right! ) for the following :

1. The name of the town where you were born

This is obviously not a picture of the town, but it's certainly a lot prettier than roundabout central! Especially as I was born a good 50 miles away from where we were living at the time!

2. The name of the town where you live now

I like this picture. it shows pretty much the view from my college window, which is sooo much better than the view of my revolting concrete college!

3. Your name

This was difficult. The first picture was just my name in foriegn writing! But as my Birth Town picture is a person, I thought it fitting that my name should be a town.

4. Your grandmother’s name (just pick one)

A pretty picture of Hurricane Frances from Space.

5. Your favorite food

What can I say? don't you just want to stick your finger in & lick it? mmmmmmmm!

6. Your favorite drink

Water, straight from the tap. The best thirst quenching drink around & good for you too. Whereas they may be times when I fancy something else, I'm one of the few people who do drink two litres a day, every day.

7. Your favorite song

No, sorry, I can't do this one. I really don't have one. I was the only teenager ever to not own any records, and have bever got into it. I'm happy to listen to whatever everyone else likes most of the time. Of course, most music sounds pretty similar to me as I am totally tone deaf, so they are all equally forgetable!

8. Your favorite smell

The smell of rain in the air. It was the first thing I smelled after two years without the sense & it was absolutely beautiful.

I tag anyone who wants to do it. If you do this one, let me know in the comments & I'll link to it.

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