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Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh what a night

Mr came home from work earlier & started behaving very strangly - cleaning up & cooking the kids supper. I didn't think much of it, just pleased I didn't have to sort it out. usually we all eat together, but sometimes we just can't be bothered, so cook something quick & easy for the little A's & eat real food later & I assumed this was one of those days.

As I was getting Mstr A ready for bed CQ turned up, which was nice. unexpected, but it's always nice to see her. Then Mr A suddenly turmed round & said "go get changed then, we're going out".

i was flabbergasted. Mr a has never managed a surprise night out before!

He took me off to my favourite restuarant, where I had a fantastic meal of cheese parcels, veal & ooh the most yummy potatoes in the world, chocolate mousse with kaluha, a couple of bottles of wine, and generally a really grown up, romantic, drunken time.

I refuse to think of the £100 it cost for the two of us to get outrageously drunk, stuffed silly & generally treated like real people, and just remind myself that if I'd had the same thing in Bristol, or (god forbid) London, it would have cost 2, 3 or even 4 times as much, so really we saved £300!

I'm now well pissed, & watching a bunch of clever buggers (and Alan Davis) on QI. Life is good. I'm glad I've got the old Aggie back. The depressed flaky Aggie isn't as much fun. this is how things used to be.

Apologies if this post doesn't make any sense. I have very little control over my fingers, due to the wine, but it's fun:-)


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