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Sunday, November 13, 2005

DIY Don't

Well, another weekend gone, and despite numerous promises & even Mr A being "in the mood" to do some DIY, nothing has been done! He did go out & buy some more glue this morning (I'm sure we have tons of the stuff), but didn't manage to actually glue up any panals onto my bedroom walls:-(

Still, it was partly my fault, as I made him sort out the fire in our front room, as it's jolly chilly here now. We bought a big coal bunker last week, so filled it all up withcoal & wood today, cleaned the hearth, thought about sorting out a chimney sweep & lit the first fire of the year. mmmm, there's nothing quite like it. (we have central heating too - NEVER AGAIN will I live in an unheated house). Last year was very mild, so we didn't use it at all, so it was a first for both LMB & LMD.

LMB took it all in her stride, but LMD didn't like it when it crackled & sparked. Oh well, she'll get used to it. Mstr A thought it was great & helped lay it & clean it!

As a reward I took everyone out to Sunday Lunch at the local Beefeater. Yum, nice new menu, although a large number of teething troubles with it - which we commented on, naturally (we not ones to take it in silance). Got 75% off my absolutely gorgeous starter as two ingredients were completely missing, and a bit off the overall bill, so that was good:-) The kids all behaved really well for once & were rewarded with a dessert (LMD refused to give her spoon back!) and a play in the playground outside.

They still played together when we got home, with Mstr A & LMB rolling around on the floor tickling each other. It was a joy to watch, & I felt that finally I had a family, rather than just a buch of kids to look after.

I didn't get any tidying up done either - but called my boss to cancel our meeting tomorrow as I've still got this horrible cough (I reckon Simon sent it to me!), so I'm going to try to get another week off. Hopefully by the time I go back I'll be able to hand in my notice:-)

I did manage to book the tickets to see my sister in Belfast in February. She has a step-son a year older than Mstr A, so he's been nagging me to visit for ages. I'm really looking forward to it, as I don't see her much.

A bit of a nothing day really, but a useful one:-)


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