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Friday, October 07, 2005

Where there's smoke

College today, so the usual rush to pack everybody & everything onto my bike. LMB refused point blank to walk today, so I had to push the bike & drag her along the whole way to school & nursery. I have never been so gald to get rid of her for the day! I think that if I'd had to keep her with me past 9am, I really would have throttled her!

College was ok. We're on the hierarchy of the courts at the moment, which I mostly know, but causes some fun arguments on the role of Europe:-) I nearly made it through the whole morning today, but then at 11.30am the fire alarm went off, so we all had to troop out. Interesting procedures: The college is 7 floors high, so the two stairwells were completely congested by the people on the first two floors, leaving little hope for escape for those of us on floor 5 and above! We also have a student with very restricted mobility, who could not get down the stairs, but nobody knew what she was supposed to do! finally, our assembly point is "the bandstand in Grove Park". Now, Grove park is 1/2 mile away from the college - what's wrong with the car-park, sea-front or main entrance?! Also, every student is supposed to meet their tutor at the bandstand. All 7000 of us! we didn't even fit in the park, ever mind reach the bandstand. Stupid procedure or what?

It turned out to be a false alarm (of course), although when we first left the building we thought it was real due to the enormous plume of smoke reaching into the sky. But then I realised that was just all the addicts lighting up the moment they felt fresh air!

My mother has come visiting today to keep me company for the weekend. It seemed like a really good idea when she suggested it on Monday, but now I'm not so sure.


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