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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hospital daze: My 50th Post!

Not a lot to say about today. I was rudely awoken at 5.30am again by LMB. This is really starting to get to me now. She was uncermoniously dumped back into her bed, with a stern admonishment to "stay there till I say it's morning", and her door tightly shut (she cant open it herself, which is why I leave it gapped during the night, cos I'm totally paranoid that she'll be trapped in there during a flood/fire etc).

We all trundled off to Mstr A's Gymnastics, which was cancelled for some unknown reason (we weren't there last week as he was ill, so didn't know), as the place was still completely deserted by 10.05, and the class starts at 10.00. So instead we pottered around the supermarket looking for high carb, low sugar, non-refridgerated snacks for Mr A to suppliment his hospital food diet, & went off to visit him.

Clever me, I armed myself with a gameboy for Mstr A, and a Dora DVD for LMB, so they were good as gold throughout the visit. I kept Mr A company most of the day, so by the time we got home, it was tidy up, cook supper, bath & bed.

An easy day really. I think Mstr A is slightly concerned about daddy being in hospital (the only other person he's visited in hospital was his great grandmother- who died there when he was three), but I'm trying to be very re-assuring. He asked if I could sleep with him tonight, as "there's plenty of room for both of us", but I'm not sure if that was concern for himself or for daddy, or for me, as he followed it up by saying that if I did want to share with him, it would have to be while daddy was in hospital, as he didn't want daddy to get lonely sleeping by himself.



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