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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Normal service will resume on Tuesday

Sorry there've been no posts for a couple of days - I've just been too knackered to be honest. Sunday was the last day of the Gymnastics Coaches course I've been running. It went well, & I'm fairly certain they will all pass the exam in December. There were only two candidates that were a bit iffy, but they both have good mentors, so they should improve enough in time. LMD was really good again, mstr A was sick again so stayed at home, but it was just really bhard physical & mental work for 9 hours, so by the time I got home, I couldn't find the energy to start the computer up:-)

Monday was supposed to be a catch up day, but LMB caught the horrible cold that's being going round the family, & spent the whole day whinging, moaning, cuddling or crying. I didn't get anything at all done, and by the time we finally managed to get her to bed I'd had enough & needed some quiet time. Fotunately Mr A goes off to college for his spanish class on Monday's, so I used the time to do some of the work & stuff that I'd intended to do all day.

Unfortunately, my work computer if F*****d, due to the imbecile called our IT dept not knowing his arse from his elbow. No matter how many times I tell him whats wrong with it, he doesn't fix the main problem (presumably cos he doesn't know how), but nor will he give me administrator access, so I've spent the week with no email access, which is a painas the interview I'm attending today sent me all the job info by email, & I was hoping to revise a little! Oh well, I'll have to wing it. I'm not sure that I'll take the job even if offered anyway.

On the plus side LMB hasn't even mentioned her dummy for more than 48 hours. Horaay, we won! Also, Mstr A has been really well behaved all weekend. It's like a little switch suddenly clicked in his brain! Lets hope it continues. Of course, Sods Law says I'm meeting his school tonight to discuss his "Individual Education Plan".


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