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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pushing the boundaries

LMB is definitely two! She is well into the stage of pushing th boundaries & finding out how far we'll move.

We've had some minor disagreements for the past few months, over bed time, turning the TV off, eating dinner and all the normal mundane ones, but now shes found a doozy to work on. She's currently trying to find out if she can make us let her get out of bed whenever she feels like it. this means she puts up some resistanc whn she first goes to ed, which we deal with reasonably easily. However, she has recently worked out that she can wake up in the middle of the night & really push the boundaries!

She's tried it a couple of nights now, usually waking up around 11/12 & whinging that she wants water/a cuddle/nanny etc, but last night she woke at 5am and decided it was morning. "I 'wake" she told me when I went to find out what the shouting was about, "go downstairs. My television".

In vain did I explain that it wasn't morning, it was dark, everyone else was still sleeping. In vain did I put her back in her bed. repeatedly. I tried being nice & re-doing her going to bed routine. I tried being nasty & telling to stay in bed. I tried ignoring her. Nothing made ny difference. She screamed non-stop at top volume.

After 30 mins or so she woke LMD, who cried, fed & refused to sleep again. Mr A gave up at 6am & went off to work. I refused to let her out of her room till 7am, which is getting up time, but can't say anyone actually got any sleep, or even rest.

What's even more annoying is that she doesn't even seem tired today. She's actually been quite well behaved & has just completely ruined my attempt to be in a bad mood with her by telling me she wants a wee, getting the potty out, taking her own trousers & nappy off, having a wee then congratualating herself in the most disarming manner possible. Not bad at 25 months.

however, once again it's not een the most successful day for me. I got my college work done, and shouted a lot at my IT dept, but haven't done any of the paperwork that I've been desperately trying to do all week. It may have been alright for Douglas Adams to claim "I love deadlines, I love the sound they make as they go whizzing by", he was accepted a s a genius - I don't think my employers would find it quite so amusing or acceptable if I tried the same line!


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