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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Training time

Oops, another day missed, but I do have the excuse that it has been a busy couple of days. Yesterday I was down in Exeter on the first day of my 1st Aid tutors update course. Exeter is just over an hours drive away, & the course was 9-5, so that = 10 hours out the house. LM Dark is not good at being left, and won't take bottles, so she get's dragged around the countryside with me, with Nanny along as baby-sitter. This sounds like a clever solution, and works well enough, but is very stressful for me, as I can hear her screaming all the time I'm concentrating at the course!

It was a busy course as it's two in one. The tutors update, and a 1st Aid requalification, so the first day consisted of speeding through the topics normally covered in the first three days of a 1st aid course, plus each one of us delivering a session. As I rarely teach the full 4 day course, I was pleasantly surprised at how well my knowledge compared with some of the other tutors there. Although slightly worried at the lack of their knowledge in some arears sometimes too.

Anyway, by the time I got home, & put the kids to bed, my day really started. I had to go shopping for all LM Blonds birthday party food, wrap the pass-the-parcel, make beds up for my mother, sister & niece, tidy up the house (a little bit), meet, feed & chat to said mother & sister when they arrived.

Finally off to bed at 11pm whereupon Niece being put to bed wakes up Mstr A, who wakes up LM Blond as they are all sharing a room while the adults are visiting. After chatting, fighting, crying, chatting, playing & generally keping everyone awake for an hour, I give up. Niece goes into bed with her mother, LM Blond comes into bed with me & Mstr A is under strict orders to be quiet & still.

Problem solved. 30 mins later LM Dark wakes up for her feed. Determined to punish me for cruelly leaving her for hours at a time during the day, she continues to wake every two hours until I give up at 6.30am and get up.

Hmmm, feeling refreshed and raring to go for day two of the course - not!


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