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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pay back time

The problem with going off to work today & thinking I am a person in my own right, is that I now have to wade through the many tons of guilt that my children are piling upon me.

LM Dark is the worst, having screamed for virtually the whole six hours I was out, she stopped the second I picked her up & beamed at poor beleagured mother-in-law who had been baby sitting. After a feed (it's not as though I let her starve - I expressed three bottles & and left a choice of banana, melon, apple, parsnip, carrot, fromage frais, toast, and baby biscuits), she has spent the evening no less than 50cm away from me & screaming every time I stand up. Going to the toilet was unforgiveable & resulted in a half hour tantrum. Despite the fact that its now past her bed time, & shes absolutely exhausted from all the crying, she is refusing point blank to go in her cot, and I have, once again given in to the bad parent in me, and let her snuggle up on my chest. I am now typing to contented snores.

However LM Blond was determined not to let me off the hook either, and spent the evening naked (she can take all her clothes off herself), so I would chase her around with a nappy, "falling" off the sofa onto her head so she can get cuddled better, and refusing to eat unless I fed her. She is also refusing to go to sleep unless I sit with her, but after one cuddle I am withstanding the temptation to give in.

Mstr A just had a tantrum when I told him to stop playing computer games, as 8 hours playing is too much in one day! Fortunately he puts himself to bed when in a strop (provided I scare him into going to his room), so it's all quiet there at the moment.

Oh well, tomerrow is another day. I get to be mum again. I can't wait.


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