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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Secrets and lies

Aggie has gone off to play with his flaky mates in Birmingham this weekend (flaky as in they flake, not as in unreliable), so 've got the weekend at home with the kids.

remember when I was a new SAHM how I kept moaning how I wasn't cut out for domesticity? Now I'm thinking it's been rather nice having qualtytime at home with the kids, and perhaps work isn't all it's cracked up to be. Greener grass again:-)

Anyway, it's been a lovely day. I took LMB to her dancing class, and had a chat to her teacher, both to check on how she was getting on (wonderfully - not balletically, but enjoying herself immensely and improving steadily), and also booked LMD in for next term. They will both be in the same class for one term, then LMB will move up and LMD will stay in the baby class, having settled in. I doubt there will be any trouble there tbh. They also asked if Mstr A would like to come along to their junior show time class - which he would probably love, but as he won't dress up, he can't particpate any any of the actual shows. He likes the idea of singing and dancing and acting, so I will have to have a word with them again and see if they'll accept him as a non-performing attendee.

Then Nanny A came over and we all went swimming. LMB is just struggling 1/2 meter on her own at the moment, and happily practised her "swimming by myself" for ages. She'll be well away in no time at all. The pool had a float session on, and Mstr A discovered the fun of large floats. Now he can swim pretty effectively i have allowed him goggles and there is no stopping him now. I had such fantastic timesin the swimming pool as a child - it was great to see him enjoyig himself there. And fearless LMD played for a bit in the baby pool, but then I put her armbands on and left her to kick around wherever she wanted - which was on and of the large floats, and all around the pool on her own terms, and without letting an adult touch her! We all had such a good time, and they all played so well together that we were in there for nearly 2 ours all together!

Now we're back home and they are all fed Mstr A has been very busy making things ready for tomorrow. He's such a sweetie - he told me that he wanted to buy me a diamond ring for mothers day:-) but instead he has been making a "surprise" ready for me. The surprise includes asking me what I would like best on my bread for breakfast, what drink i like best, if I could help him open the juice bottle (he even came up with the plausible reason that he wanted a drink himself, even though he knows he's not allowed squash out of meal times) and tear off some foil to wrap the surprise in and being told not to come into the kitchen all night. I wonder what it can be:-) It also reminded me that 7 is still terribly young - he is quite convinced that it really will be a surprise when he brings me breakfast in bed in the morning.

Of course, what I'd rall like is a lie-in, but somehow I don't think that is going to happen:-)

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  • At Saturday, March 01, 2008 9:14:00 pm, Blogger craziequeen said…

    My pseudo-godson is sooo cool......

    Breakfast in bed, eh? Lucky old you. We have man-flu here, so it's been hectic today.
    He got to have a nice nap today while I covered the living room floor in fabric....

    Hope FlakyMan is having a good weekend :-)



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