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Friday, February 29, 2008

My shiny thing

I didn't get any armour, what with there not being anything suitable (or of suitable price) available, but I did buy me a nice new shiny sword - well it's for me and Mstr A to share really, but still.....

Now I just have to wait for Aggie to make the pell he's been promising for a year for us to practise on.

Aggie brought himself yet another new box. Even bigger than the last new box he brought last year, which will house is ever growing tools collection. Which means I get his old medium sized box for my sewing kit, and my little box can be used for some gaming counters and such like. it never hurts to teach the kids about gambling early;-)

And of course we spent much money on yet more material to make yet more clothes for our ever growing children! Now to get sewing. Again.

Only a few weeks to go now before the season starts....



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