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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Working girl

I feel like all my time has just disappeared now I'm working properly full time. Well, I suppose it has - it's not just that I've lost my early finish, but the commute has added an extra couple of hours on to my day too, so 'm out the house from 8am until gone 6pm each day. Not horendous I know, but a big difference from 8.55-3.05!

Work had been variable so far - as they do not have a permenant place to put me yet, i am working in "support" which means I will help out anyone who needs some help. which is fine, except for the first coupleo f days apparently no-one was feeling under any pressure with work and I had virtually nothing to do! It made the day v e r y long. Today was much better as I picked up quite a few things from various departments, which I mostly sucessfully completed:-) Next week I'm covering holiday in the Agriculture dept (apparently four! people are out - but it's a pretty big team so hopefully there will still be somebody there to elp me do everything as I still don't know how lots of things work), then after that I will be in property for a few months as someone there is off on maternity leave soon, so i doubt the quiet period will last much longer.

Unfortunately, as it is a pretty "old" practise, they are still quite conservative on many things and despite its size and sucecss they do not employ legal execs, so will not assist my college course in any way. I asked if I could leave 15 mins early on Wednesdays to get to college on time and make up the time by having a 15 min shorter lunch break and was told no, which is a bummer. ll just have to be late for class for the next few months, and hope they grasp the idea of flexi-time eventually. With only 12 weeks to go to the end of the course, I don't think it is worth fighting over at the moment!

Hopefully though we will be able to do more interesting things at the weekends and school holidays. Aggie has been doing well with the three of them this week for half term, which is a relief:-) And when I get paid, it should be enough to go to fun places every now and then.

The bike is becoming less and less scary and occasionally quite fun - it would be lots of fun if it wasn't so cold! It's not the most economical of bikes, but I still reckon I'll be paying about 1/4 of what Aggie used to pay for fuel in the car back in the days he commuted. My legs are really achey from all that gripping of big thrusting machinery! Maybe it will tone me up a bit:-)

This weekend is battle practise again, so I expect to ache far more after that! But it will be fun.

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