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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It's pancake day here. The kids have all been reminding me about it for nearly a week, so school must have been doing something or other on it. They have all called it pancake day rather than shrove tuesday, so I wonder what they have been told about it:-) LMB woke me up this morning with the revelation that it had finally come and she "had been waiting ALL YEAR" for this day. poor thing! So, even though they have all undoubtedly stuffed themselves silly on sweet pancakes at school, I still did pancakes at home for supper.

Much to their surprise, the pancakes at home did not have the option of lemon & sugar, honey, or chocolate sauce! instead we introduced them to savoury pancakes and they had an enormous pigout of prawn pancakes, chicken and bacon pancakes and soft cheese pancakes, all with salad and washed down with fresh fruit juice. They were rather impressed:-) Who said pancakes are bad for you?

I did relent and let them have sweet pancakes for dessert - although fruit still featured heavily:-) But we are going to be naughty parents and have our own sweet pancakes, with maple syrup, ice cream and such things later, when impresionable children are all in bed!

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