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Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been on short days all week, starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm ish as it's been my induction week at the new company. Notonly have they been short days, but tbh, most of the stuff we learned was not that complicated - after all, I am capable of using word-processing, email, internet, audiotyping, spreadsheets, telephones and presentation sofware already. the only new stuff was the house document management system, and learning house styles for the documents and procedures for everything.

So how come I am so absolutely knackered?

Well, obviously apart from the fact that i didn't get much sleep on Sunday night because I was stressed, and commuting is new to me after such a long time, especially on the bike, and that the kids have got me up at least once each night all week, except last night when they managed a grand total of 5 wake-ups between them between midnight and 6am.......


Anyway, off to london this weekend to see the family - rearranged from next week which is half term, as i have to work now! It's my dads birthday nex week so Ill pop in to see him and thank him properly for the Xmas pressie - i didn't really do so at the time, it was all so unexpected:-) Now I can show him my bike and stuff and say thanks properly. Aggie has the kids at home all next week - which might be interesting.....

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