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Thursday, February 28, 2008


It's been a busy week. I went to battle practise again last Sunday - there were lots more people there this time, both old and new, so we got quite a bit more fighting done. Especially sword fighting, which un fortunately I was not really armoured for (still borrowing Aggie's archers jack and company spare gloves & helmet), and one of the lords got a jolly good hit on my upper arm. It came up almost immediately, and by Monday morning was a massive purple bruise stretching right around my bicep, from elbow almost to my shoulder, and causing quite a lot of pain each time I moved it.

Ho Hum. I'm off shopping at the re-enactment market tomorrow to solve the armour problem. We're taking a few people up with us, so it should be a fun, if expensive day out:-)

I've moved at work, and have spent the week covering a secretary in property litigation, as she's gone swanning off to exotic places on hols. I find property law quite boring, but property litigation was quite interesting. Although, considering i had three lawyers to work for, it was pretty slow most of the week. I am used to a MUCH higher workload off my lawyers. I get that they probabloy can't trust me with anything interesting yet, and that diffrent departments work in different ways, but there just didn't seem to be as much work being done. I'm sure it must be - they obviously run a very profitable business there:-) Today got quite busy though, so perhaps it is just stops and starts. Next week I think i'm in property proper, meh. I don't know though. I'll just see where they send me on monday. I don't think much of this floating role - you can never settle into anything properly.

I'm starting to get into a routine properly now. But it means I'm out at 8am and not home until gone 6pm. As the kids go to bed between 6.30 & 7pm, it doesn't give me much time with them. It's going to take us all a while to get used to it. hopefully we will.

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