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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The doctor did it.

It was all going so well......

The presents were opened. We had made it to Nanny A's without mishap, and with the trifle, lemon merrangue and meat al in one piece and still hot/cold as required. The dinner was cookeed well, on time, and not in ridiculous amounts. The children had even eaten some real food:-)

More presents were opened when the adults were fully stuffed, and Mstr A was quietlplaying with his 20Q, LMB with her new DS and LMD with her bouncing tigger while the adults watched Shek2, Shaun the sheep and half of Nemo. why we watched the kids films is a good question - but we did. LMd was a little sick on all the sweets, but that is par for Xmas when you are 2:-) And i was only a litle.

I had intended to head home at about 5.30 to ensure we were home in time for Dr Who, but Grandad J was off to work just about that time, so we said we'd stay with Nanny A and watch Dr ho with her, then head home late, so the kids could sleep in the car. 6.45pm arrived, and we sent the girls pstairs to watch children's TV, and us older people settled down to the only really important viewing of the day.

Unfortunately, 10 minutes later, the girls reappeared. Beebies finishes at 7pm! Usually this is good. They sing "night night"and everyone goes to bed knowing they are missing nothing important. Today a 7pm finish was bad. Very Bad. "shhhhh. go play in the back room" I shushed quickly, fixated on the Titanic.

Bang. crash. Whinge. cry. cuddle. bang. argue. bang the door again. I watch Kylie break down in tears and suggest they shut up and play upstairs instead. Off they go. back they come. hey bounce in front of the TV a few times. "GO UPSTAIRS" I yell, and they scamper up to Nanny A's bedroom, where I leave them to their own devices and settle back down to the telly. All is well until 8pm. just as kylie is acting all eroic like, and the whole word is about to be destroyed there is an almighty thump and as I leap up in alarm, the first siren wail of real pain.

I get upstairs to find LMB crying her eyes out, while LMD looks on quite contentedly from where she has tucked herself up in bed. Eventually I get out of her that she hit her head on the radiator. It hurts "all over". Unable to confirm exactly how she did it, i calm her down with lots of cuddles, and have a good feel. I find a couple of large lumps, and cuddle hr some more. Finally Dr Who finishes and the others come up to see what happened. We move into the bathroom to give her some calpol, and I spot the blood:-(

We clean her up, and there is a 2cm cut. Quite deep. She must have hit the corner of the radiator. I put my professional head on, and decide there is not need to stitch it and she is showing no signs of concusion, so calpol and cuddles are all that is required. we bundle all the children up and head off home .

Not the finest end to Xmas day. But I blame the doctor for the whole thing. And I still don't know if the Earth surived!

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  • At Friday, December 28, 2007 1:07:00 am, Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said…

    Oh Dear, Oh Dear....Not a good end, at all!
    Poor dear.....!

    Thanks for your comment and I am so very glad you liked the Calendar.....It was a lot of fun putting it together and I love the thought that I can bring a bit of color to your Beautiful country , especially during these winter months!

  • At Friday, December 28, 2007 11:04:00 pm, Blogger craziequeen said…

    Yeah, of course the Earth survived...doesn't it always?

    So that was the 'baddie' LMB was telling me about last night... I caught it while I was cuddling her.



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