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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lets make spend lots of money

My mother sold the car this morning. Wayhey - 6 months gross salary in one go:-)

Of course, she has to pay it in to her bank, wait for it to clear, send me a cheque, wich i have to pay into my bank, and wait for it to clear before it's real, but what's that got to with it? This morning, once I had dragged myself out of bed, groaned about my hangover a bit and tried the traditional cure of eating a large fried breakfast, we all wandered down to the horror that is PC World and bought 2 new laptops one for me and one for Mstr A.

Aren't credit cards great sometimes?

Aggie had been researching the best ones to get for a while, and unfortunately PC World was doing the best spec for the right price (I had set a lmit of £1k for the two). So they got our business. Which was a shame, as they are abysmal in so very many ways. My laptop was th last one in the shop, wich meant i got the display model. I tried for a discount for that, and salesman has to go off and ask the floor manager. No luck "it's already been discounted by £30off book price and we don't make much money on the machines". Yeah right. I tried for a discount for buying two too, and he went of again to ask, but no luck there either:-) I think the salesman was a bit disappointed in us by then. We did make it worse by refusing to even look at any of the dodgy insurance/tech support policies he tried to flog us. "It even runs right alongside the manufacturers guarantee, it doesn't replace it" No shit sherlock, it's illegal to "replace" the manufacturers guarentee, which I did point out to him.

Anyway, we get to the paperwork bit. I pay, and we point out that the PC World website tells us that we get a free cover for Mstr A's computer with it (it's got interchangeable covers you know - to look cool and up to date!). Salesman does not know anything about that. We ask him to look it up, and there it is, on their website. He's not sure that they have any in stock. I suggest he realy ought to go check. Off he goes to see the floor manager. Again. Eventual he reappears with a football one. Mstr A does not like footall. I ask for a different one, but he cliams it's the only one the have in stock. We take it anyway, on pinciple. And soon it will be on Ebay:-)

He goes off to find out if my display model has been packed up ready to take. No, the've lost the key to unlock it fro the display. Salesman spends several minutes running around in a panic. Eventualy he finds the key. The floor manager comes and whispers in his ear. Uh oh They need to do a full system restore because it has been used. I say we'll wait. He goes talk to the tech guys. I may be up to two hours. To do a system restore? Huh! But I give him my phone number, and say I'll come back to collect it when it's ready and off we go.

3 1/2 hours later I've heard nothing, and the shop will close in 30 mins. I go back to find out what's going on. The tech guy said he was just given a laptop and told to do a system restore, no-one said why, when or that I would be collecting it. I told him I wanted it toay and would wait. However long it took, and no, I didn't cae tha the shop was shutting in 30 mins! 20 mins later, i get my new laptop. at last.

Aggie has spent all afternoon setting it up and putting everything on. It's hardly plug and play! i wonder ow much PC World would have charged to do that? But still it's done. I should now be able to get online whenever I want! Whoppee:-)

I think perhaps I should wait until I have the money before I spend any more though.

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  • At Monday, November 19, 2007 12:15:00 pm, Blogger CyberKitten said…

    Why is your Mum sending you a cheque? One the money is paid into her account you can get it directly transfered to your account....

    ...and it might be a good idea to have the money before you spend any more of it!


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