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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bah Humbug

It's feeling positively Dickensian at the moment.

First, It's bloody freezing! Thick, thick frost everywhere, all day. brrrrrrrr. I know that it is December, and I know that other places are much colder, but last year I got quite used to the dea that Weston should not dip below freezing for more than the occasional 5 minutes. Bring back warm and wet. Global warming is welcome sometimes:-)

Also, There is no heating at work. It didn't come on when fired up last month, and they never got around to fixing it. Now we know why, so obviously it's not going to work all winter. I did make them cough up for a little electric heater for my office, cos I personally won't stand for that kindof behaviour from my employers, but it's not really man enough to heat up the whole ofice from below freezing every day - I was onl yexpecting it to be a "top p" for a couple of weeks! and every time I leave the office - to walk to the photocopier, toilet or front office, I freeze again.

On top of that, I just don't like the run up to Christmas. I like the real thing well enough. But all the preparation is just dull. I don't like decorating the tree/house, I hate wrapping, all the false good cheer drives me nuts and I just don't see hy I should have to spend twice as much time, effort and money to do normal things!

Bah humbug!

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