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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bugg'rit millenium hand & shrimp

As foul ol' Ron would say. Some days are just downright depressing:-(

Today I discovered that Terry Pratchett probably only has a "few more books" in him with the onset of Altzheimers killing off one of the greatest literary minds of our time. I love his books, which are usually laugh out loud funny, with an added dollop of wry wit and observtional humour thrown in to keep it interesting. Plus he just seems like a jolly nice chap from the things I have read about him.

although it is his fault me and Aggie got together, so perhaps I shouldn't be too praising;-)

Then at work today we all got called into a meeting and told that the company was closing in June. But the Family department would be gone by February. So it's job hunting for me again.

And despite it being the 12th, and therefore the draw date, I didn't win anything this month:-) Nor did we get our working tax credit for some unknown reason, so I'll have to chase that up. Hurumph! And I spent the last bit of my car money on a trailer - which will be very useful, and will make our summers much easier, but it is still depressing to say goodbye to a big bank balance.

Some days are just shit! lets hope tomorrow is better.

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