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Monday, June 04, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

It's been extraordinarily busy here recently (and it's always busy here!). The Milton Keynes event went well. It was actually a very relaxing event for us, as we were really only on show for a couple of hours a day. The place didn't open till late morning, and then everyone went and watched the horsey display & joust before wandering over to us. Although I didn't get to relax too much as i was doing all the cooking for the group for the four days. It's a fun job, but a hard one - it's pretty much non-stop. Cooking three authentic meals a day over an open fire means I had to be the first one up each day, light the fire, cook the breakfast, start the lunch before breakfast was cleared aay, start supper immediately lunch was served, tend the fire throughout the day to keep it at just the right tempreture and still be working ready to serve supper at the end of the day after the public had gone home and everyone else was finished. Whilst keeping an eye on the kids too of course, and trying to still do my domestic chores display. And watch the joust & chat up the yummy knights:-) They took a while to warm to us - I think they were a bit confused by us to be honest, but then us girls went down to the banquet on Saturday night, got outrageously drunk, and made good friends with the nice muscley stunt riders:-)

It was very interesting watching the stunts. The organising group is a very famous one, and does lots of film work etc. And even I, with absolutely zero knowledge of horse riding, could see that they were doing some very clever stuff. But On Sunday the owner attended the display, and I have to say, you can see why he is so in demand. He was in a different league, and obviously had a fantastic talent with horses, making the others just look like good riders:-)

We had lovely weather for pretty much the whole time, which was nice. But by the time we finished, took down the camp, packed up the cars and drove the three hours home it was about 9.30pm. Then I had to put the kids to bed, unpack the car, reload the car with work equipment, and get cleaned up ready to head off to tutor a course up in Huntingdon this morning. That's a good 3 1/2 hour drive away too, so I left at 6am. The course went well, but I didn't get home again until nearly 7pm! Now i've got three days to sort everything out, befre we fly out to Ireland for my sisters wedding!

Phew! perhaps my best bet would be to just forget about sleep for this week. That way I might just about fond enough time ot do half the things that need doing!

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