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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

medieval concrete cows

And once again we are madly rushing around trying to get ready to go back to 1370 (ish). We're off on a four day event near Milton Keynes first thing tomorrow. It's a first for us, as we are going as us, not as part of a group. We have had a few invites to attend events as individuals before, but this is the first one we've done - partly because we've only just about got enough equipment to do it comfortably now.

Doing it ourselves means a number of things - no back up of kit from the group for one, but money in our pockets for another:-) It's only £10 per person per day, which will barely cover the food tbh, but it's still being paid direct to us (well, me) rather than into a group account:-) A few others from our group are joining us too. But mostly the event wll be attended by various other groups and individuals. I really like doing multi-group events. You learn so much from talking to other re-enactors, but our current group does hardly any multi group events (and no multi period ones wich are also fun). This one is being hosted by a famous Joust group, so there will be plenty of horsey antics for LMB to gawp at.

but it also means we have to be organised - take absolutely everything we have, including all the food for 7 people for four days, and enough clothes and bedding for the changeable British weather. Its forecast to be wet, dry, sunny, windy, cold, warm and muggy over the next four days:-) I am cooking for everyone. I love doing authentic food, and am quite looking forward to getting the chance to do so again.

We're hoping to leave by 6am tomorrow (we thought about going tonight, but I didn't finish work till late, and it would mean another night in a tent, and another night without fridge/freezer!), so having to pack up the car and get everything ready tonight. Add in the fact that I will have to leave at 6am on Monday morning as I have a course to deliver up north (we're not expecting to get home till 9pm ish on Sunday, then will have to unpack the car of re-encatment kit and re-pack it with work kit), so I have to have everything necessary for that ready too. It's all a bit hectic!

At least the kids are in bed now, so I'll get back to it.......

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