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Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't worry, be happy

Hurrah! Aggie's happy pills are starting to work again after the Doc upped his dose a while back. This week he has finally started to get involved with family life again and do stuff around the house, as well as go to the gym! My life has got drastically easier, as he takes Mstr A to school in the moring, so i just have to take the girls and don't have the same sort of rush to get to work on time. he also has started cooking again, which he loves, is pretty good at, and again, releases me from a really tim consuming chore. yay!

Of course, it also means that I'm not getting much exercise any more, as I walk the girls to school at 2 year old pace, then it's only 1/2 mile cycle to work. But that's ok:-)

In theory, this should be giving me a bit more free time - maybe to do some revision? But it doesn't seem to work like that! Although part of that may be because work has been absolutely manic this week, so i've been pretty exhausted. I have managed to read through most of the syllabus, and it all seems so obvious and memorable when the book is in front of me, but in the exam it's just me and what I remember! Of course, i'm a bit annoyed at my lecturer, because I have now done three mock exams as home work, and he has lost two of them and not marked the third yet, so I have no feedback whatsoever on what I'm doing *scowl*. And because the exams were handwritten (bloody stone age lawyers), I don't even have the exams to re-submit, or read through! I'm getting a bit panic-y now. 18 days to go *gulp*

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