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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dribble, drool

No college (again) tonight. We went to the dentist after school, and I had to have a filling, so not really up to it. It's only revision anyway - not that I'm finding much time to do my own revision:-(

The dentist moaned at me that I had left it so long to come in to have the filling, and that it had go much worse than it needed to be. I pointed out tht I had phoned just before Xmas, and this was the first appointment they would give me - even though I said I would come on any day at any time (well, they did say there was one last Friday at 11am, but for the sake of two days I said I'd come along with all the family today!)

Still, the whole thing came to less than £50, which is better than I thought it might be. When I first heard I would have to wait 6 months I looked up some private dentists - they would have cost at least £200, and most wanted me to sign up to an annual plan for a lot more. So it' not as bad as it could be. Not as good a it should be either though!. But I'm lucky really. I haven't been to the dentist since it was free because of LMD being less than a year old, so that's well over a year. They had every right to chuck us off the NHS books, and the chances of gtting anothr NHS dentist is remote to say the least! The private practises are sprigig up al over the place as the town population is ever increasing!

The kids are all fine. LMD ran in saying "dentist, dentist, I like the dentist". She watched Mstr A and LMB behave perfectly and get a sticker, chattering away about dentists and chairs and teeth. She sat on the chair and waited aptiently until the dentist asked er to open her mouth, at which point she screwed her face up, held hr arms out and asked for "mummy cuddle". Nothing would induce her to open up, so we let her off this time. of course, as soon as we walked out the door, she wailed that she hadn't had the dentist look at her teeth and she wanted to go back!

Sadly, I now feel like my mouth is swollen, I can't talk properly, and I'm starving hungry! It should be wearing off soon, so it's paracetemol & pizza for me:-)



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