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Monday, March 12, 2007

so much to do, so little time!

Deadlines are fast aproaching for everything, and i am not ready !!!

Here's my urgent to do list:
  • Finish clearing the play area of old bark & re-lay it with rubber chippings. It's currently not safe to use, so this needs to be done, well, today really, so the kids can play outside.
  • Re-read Dracula, and write up a term's session plan's ofr 14 year olds, plus study it well enough to be able to talk authoritively on the book and the lessons by this FRIDAY
  • Sew all the re-enactment clothes by EASTER: still To do (at least):
  • Two Under dresses for LMB, Two over dresses for LMB, one underdress for LMD and two overdresses for LMD, Four hose for Mstr A, Two hose for LMB, Brais for LMB, Brais for LMD, Brais for me, Two underdresses for me, one overdress for me, one cote-hardie for Aggie, one cote-hardie for Mstr A, One tunic for Mstr A.
  • Still to finish: One tunic for Mstr A, one tunic for Aggie, one overdress for me.
  • Read up on last weeks college notes (as I missed college) by WEDNESDAY
  • Do some homework ready to hand in on WEDNESDAY
  • Read through the four chapters that we are not covering in class, but will be covered in the exam!
  • Make revision notes of the whole course
  • Read and learn the revision notes!
  • Go bridesmaid dress shopping with my mother & sister (and the three girls)
  • Go dress shopping for me & suit shopping for Aggie.
  • Tidy the house - it's a tip!

I'm sure there are loads more really important things too. Not to mention the fact that I have a hen night in Brighton in April, a wedding in London in May, a re-enactment in Italy in May and my sisters wedding in Ireland June to get oganised for!


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