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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The great outdoors

Spring has sprung here. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and there is that lovely crisp smell in the air that you only get on bright, dry & cool spring days:-)

So we've spent the day outside: We've dug out, bordered & raked over the vegetable patch. We're determined to give this a good go this year. We've talked about it a lot, but never actually tried to grow anything. I'm well known for having black thumbs (if brown thumbs are the opposite of green fingers, I am even worse than that, so have black thumbs), and have always killed any plant that has entered my house, but I really like the idea of growing my own veg, and anyway, it's the only way to get purple carrots for re-enactment! i've spent money on seeds now, so will be sowing them tomorrow!

I've also made a good start of digging out all the old mulched bark chippings from the play area. It's going to take a while because it's really packed down solidly, and full of grass/weeds and very heavy while wet. So i'm doing a bit a day, leaving the next bit to dry out ready for the next day. then we're going to spend the money for what i wanted first time round and put down rubber chippings. nothing will grow there, they don't need raking over, and the local cats hopefully won't find them to be such a tempting toilet!

We've also found the time to shoot some arrows, sow some cress seeds with the kids so they don't have to wait so long to see the fruits of their labours, fix the trampoline, move the water butt and clean out the big new fish tank I aquired from freecycle yesterday.

P & V are here now to have a shoot, and then pizza and alcohol are on the cards for a fun evening.

I like it when it's not winter:-)

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