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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where there's smoke....

there's coughing!

I am so glad I live in a technological culture in the 21st century! The weather was chilly in Wales over the weekend - and we need a fire for the soap making & cooking demo's anyway, so I feel like a 50-a-day smoker right now!

The best thing about leaving 1370 behind and returning to the 21st century? Being clean! Warm showers and baths are a luxuary. Daily cleansing is a really modern concept - and I miss it when I'm away:-)

Anyway, we had a good weekend. I will post some pictures I promise - when I have uploaded them. Aggies done his already, so go check them out there. I managed to finish LMB's woolen dress, so all the kids had warm(ish) clothes to wear fortunately. It stayed dry most of the time, but was dull & cold & threatening to rain throughout, so the crowds were small:-( But enough to keep us busy - I still didn't get to see much of the castle!

LMD had more comments and fingers pointing at her than is good for a child. She soon learned to look up & smile at any adult who said she was cute in her dress! She also discovered that heaven is a bowl full of fruit available to be eaten on-stop throughout the day. I was not so keen on the reult from the other end of her body! But at least it kept her out of trouble.

Mstr A discovered the company Dr has sons a couple of years older than him & spent the day playing with them - sword-fighting outside & gameboy's while hiding in the tent!

We've got a couple of weeks off now, before going to Italy later in May. That should be fun (and warm), although i can't speak any Italian, so i'm not quite sure what i'm going to do all day - other than parade the kids around i suppose:-) Looking forward to it though.


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