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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh Goody!

LMB has gone down with the bug too. She's not old enough to get to the toilet to be sick in, or even to have much warning of when she is going to be sick, so most of yesterday was spent clearing up:-( She looks absolutely terrible - pale face, blue extremities, black bags under her eyes and a lot of whinging - but actually I reckon she's not as bad as she's making out.... there are plenty of happy moments when she'll go off and play for half an hour, and she is eating a little bit & drinking enough, so hoipefully it will pass soon. Looking awful when you are ill is quite a useful trait to have for sympathy:-)

I thought I'd escaped, what with it being a week since Mstr A went down with it, but sadly not - I went to bed early last night feeling a bit off, started a raging tempreture & put up with 4 hours of stomach cramps before finally throwing up:-( I have a cast iron stomach (I reckon it was my mothers cooking) and have only been physically sick 4 times previously in my adult life, so it must be a fairly major bug!

Today has not been much fun! Mstr A was really good & got his own breakfast & took himself to school again this morning, but just making it down the stairs was pretty hard work, and looking after a sick 2 year old and a lively 1 year old while barely able to stand up is not somethibg I would recommend!

Just to top it all, Aggie's ward has been closed for infection control since he had it a couple of days ago. I am trying really hard to convince myself that he took it in with him, as Mstr A started less than 8 hours after he was admitted, but I'm feeling dead guilty for going to visit him earlier in the week, even though the Dr had cleared Mstr A.

I'm hoping they'll all go to bed on time & sleep straight through tonight.....


  • At Thursday, March 16, 2006 8:44:00 pm, Blogger CyberKitten said…

    Shit... You're not having much luck with illnesses ATM are you. Here's hoping that you *all* get much better soonest..

    I'm impressed that through it all you're still Blogging!

    Much respect....

  • At Friday, March 17, 2006 7:37:00 am, Blogger Linda said…

    I don't know how old your little one is, but I made my child carry around a small bin (like from baby wipes) and it was easier to have it right there "in case". My 2 y/o son had the bug not long ago, and we just stuck close to him with the ever present bin. Managed to only have to change him 3 times in the course of his illness!


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