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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Another happy day in the Aginoth household;-)

Mstr A is still puking up every now & then - but more importantly, he's telling me every time he thinks he's going to be sick, ensuring maximum sympathy & attention!

LMB seems to have mostly finished with the squitting - except for the two minutes she had no nappy on today naturally! Oh, and lets not forget the ickyness that resulted in her decision to take her own nappy off, put her trousers back on, then not tell anyone untill after she had pooed!

LMD is still snotting away quite happily, and has now learned that when I come towards her holding a tissue, she's going to get her nose wiped & thinks it's great fun to turn away at the last moment resulting in a trail of snot across her face!

Of course, none of them are feeling ill, so I still get the noise, arguments, sibling rivalry etc, but without the option of taking them anywhere. humph!

Added to that, I woke this morning to discover the heating was knackered again! I tried all the simple things (Bleeding radiators, checking pilot light etc), but by lunchtime had come to the conclusion it was not going to re-start on it's own & called out British Gas (we don't get our gas from them, but we do have their homecare cover to fix anything that goes wrong!). Lucky me, as I have children under 2, and no alternative source of heating (honest guv'ner), I get extra special priority & the nice BG man turned up at about 3pm.

He's been before. Actually he's starting to get to know us quite well now:-) He looked at it, said "I bet it's the motherboard", and proceeded to check everything else, just to make sure, whilst keeping up a constant moan about BG, working weekends & all the diodes down his left side (well ok, he didn't mention the diodes, but he might as well ahve done!). Half an hour later, having taken the boiler totally apart & checked absolutely everything, his clever computer told him "it's the motherboard". So no heating till Monday, when hopefully a new motherboard will be delivered. Brrrrr.

it's supposed to snow tonight too:-(

I couldn't take sick kids into the hospital, so once he'd finished I packed them all up & dropped them at Nanny A's for the evening, then zipped off to the hospital to see Aggie. as every road between me & Nanny A's house is closed for the next two months, it was not a fun journey! Aggie is looking better already though. His face hasd really cleared up & he looks rested (which is more than I can say for me). Being in the main ward, with people to talk to & things to look at is better too.

CQ was already there, which was nice:-) I resupplied his DVD & CD collection, swapped old dirty clothes for nice new ones, had a very brief chat then ran off to collect the kids, drive all the way home again & put them all to bed! Phew, what a day. I'm going to get some supper now & try for a noghts sleep. again!


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