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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A quiet day

Not a lot done today. I met with my ex-colleague and gave her the filing cabinet, chair, printer & other equipment that work had actually asked to be returned. She's taken on an extra couple of days a week to try to cover some of my workload until a new person is recruited, so i was expecting her to want some hand-over info, but apperently she "had a handle on it" and didn't ask for hardly any info, or any documentation, so i had a lovely time chucking a few trees worth of paper away when she left:-)

LMB was playing at a friends all day, so I only had LMD at home.

Which was nice......

Vacuumed three times today - this place looks terrible within minutes though:-( A little thought about side effect of Aggies psoriasis.

No word from the hospital, so no idea when he might be admitted.

Didn't feel like doing anything constructive - DIY, college assignments, sorting out stuff etc, so spent the day aimlessly wandering around, letting nanny A do some cleaning & thinking how quiet it was with just one child in the house!

I've decided to go up to London for a couple of days to see my sister (unless the hospital calls, in which case I'll come home again!), as she's off work this week & I could do with cheering up. Reminding myself about her partner always makes me appreciate Aggie;-) LMB adores her cousin, who is just a few weeks older, so hopefully they'll play all afternoon & leave us to chat. i'm staying at my mothers house, and she's on holiday at the moment, so with any luck I might get a good night ssleep too.

Hopefully it'll be a more cheerful post tomorrow.


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