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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Home again

Well, it was hardly the nice relaxing trip I'd hoped for....

After yesterday's stresses, I thought I might salvage something, but it was not to be. LMB & LMD had a lovely time playing with cousin G, & sister S nicely fed them & bathed them for me, so when we got back to my mothers I just had to put them to bed & they both went off to sleep happily. I tried to surf, then tried to watch TV, but decided an early night was more important, so took myself off to bed at 9.30.


Sadly, at about 1.30am, LMD woke up & cried. I went up to her & she happily lay down again, but wasn't interested in going back to sleep at all! After about an hour, her eyes were still opem, & she was still sitting up and yelling every time I moved, so i did the unforgivable & brought her into bed with me...... and that was the end of my nights sleep:-( Every time she moved, I woke up. Every time she made a noise, I woke up. Every time I moved, I woke up to check I hadn't pulled the duvet off her/over her head. I drifted in & out of that half-sleep state that means you don't avtually bother to get up & change the circumstances that are preventing you from sleeping properly, until LMB woke up at about 6.30am.

So, no sleep for me, but i could still relish the fact that there was no Mstr A, school run or work to be done. then my phone rings. It's Nanny A saying mstr A has been ill all night:-(

I text sister S to say i'm not going to make it over for some more chatting this morning. Text cousin to say I'm not going to make it to see her new baby this week after all (I think she was secretly rather pleased - she sounds quite stressed by suddenly having a demanding baby to look after - I know how she feels!), and head back as soon as everyone is fed, dressed & the house is tidied.

By the time I get to Nanny A's, it's lunch time & Mstr A is feeling a bit better. So we play for an hour, then pack everyone back into the car for a quick trip to the shops to collect supplies, then a visit to see Aggies in hospital. It's not too bad this time - only one wanderer in the ward - the rest are proper derm patients. And although he hasn't got his own side room this time, at least he is on the mens ward, which is better:-)

It was only a quick visit, cos the kids get bored quickly & the nurses get stressed about young children wandering around, so then we all pile back into the car & head home to hear my alarm going off tellinmg me Mstr a should be at his swimming lesson (bugger - another one missed!), and a rude message from my mother saying why didn't I stay till she got back - we could have had the whole weekend together. I ignore the alarm, phone my mother & explain that Mstr A goes to school (it didn't cut much ice with her) & get on with the kids supper, bath & bed.

Now I've got the evening to myself, and the weeks alone are starting to stretch out ahead of me already:-( I guess I should go and find something better than chocolate cake for supper & catch up on some reading.


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