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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

a quick hello

Just a quick wave from soggy London.

I got here ok - only one near miss on the moterway which is pretty good for the London run!

Aggie was still fast asleep when i left this morning, so i phoned when I was about half way to check his hospital status to be told his derm had told him there were no beds for at least two weeks! This left him with two options (both suggested by his consultant derm): 1. present at A&E & get admitted after a long wait & some time in an obs ward, or 2. get the GP to admit him as an emergency case. we don't like the idea of "wasting" A&E time so he opted for no. 2 & was going to turn up at the Gp tomorrow am. so i continued my journey releived that it would be sorted, but I wouldn't be called straight home.

I mistakenly decided to follow the sat nav, which told me to take the N. circular from the M4 to the A10 (the massive hold up on the M25 mentioned on the radio had something to do with it), then discovered that the main road to my fathers house was 3 miles of roadworks! But finally arrived in the pouring rain & dutifully visited my father & desperately tried to make small talk for an hour, before scarpering on the excuse the kids needed feeding.

Stopped in at my mothers to dump our bags, cook an omlette & take a phone call from Aggie saying he was being admitted tonight! Argghh! No way was I going to be able to get back in time to take him in & it would have been a lot of sitting around for the kids & driving for me, so suggested nanny A takes him in & takes mstr a back to hers. he can have the day off tomorrow & I'll collect him & go straight into the hospital. luckily nanny A was amenable, so hopefully Aggie is now happily settled in a hospital bed, mstr a is fast asleep at nanny's and both the girls will sleep through the night tucked up in bed together here:-) i get to spend the evening blogging, surfing & sleeping:-)))


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