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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mumble, stumble, snore

Sorry part 2 of Friday never got written. By the time I'd finished my lesson plans (there's nothing like being prepared well in advance;-)), Mstr A had re-appeared downstairs five times complaining of feeling sick, thirsty, sweaty, scared or just wanting a cuddle. I decided that getting him settled was more important!

unfortunately it didn't work, and he was up every hour or so until I gave up trying to sleep at midnight and went up to the spare room and let him sleep with me. Naturally this meant that I didn't get any decent kip at all, and woke up this morning absolutely knackered.

But work is work is work, and when you're self-employed sick-notes don't apply, so i dragged myself off to the course, laden with paperwork and leaflets. The course was the equivelent of a leaders award, which is a basic introduction to coaching, judging and volunteering in sport. It's a 6 hour course, with plenty of practical sessions. The group I was teaching were lovely, but they were mostly 13/14 years old, had minimal previous experience or knowledge and tended to drift off-syllabus very easily, so it was quite taxing. Also as I've only taught this course once before, and the tutor training consisted of, well, bugger all really, it was hard mental work because I had to keep refering back to my lesson plan to ensure I hadn't missed anything off the syllabus.

it went really well, but by the end of the day i was seriously flagging. Aggie had been having a bit of a nightmare with the kids, so I kind of got jumped on when I made it home. Still, I have to say for Aggie - once he'd got his gameboy fix (he bought a DS too, so he can play against Mstr A, who bought one with his savings last week), he tidied up, shopped and cooked, leaving me to relax a bit.

We've just got them all into bed, and I'm ready to follow suit in a few minutes. Thinking back, I've been much more tired (I remember crying & begging Mstr A to take a nap because I was too tired to stand up any longer for example), but this is still pretty tired - I'm at the slurring words and stumbling into things stage, and that's never a good sign:-)

Night all!


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