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Friday, February 24, 2006

That Friday Feeling

Damn! Where did the day go?

Another Friday, another week over, another day rushing around:-)

LMD woke up nice and early this morning, so I dragged myself out of bed, to discover LMB was already wide awake and happily playing in her bedroom. She greated me with my favourite words of the morning "Poo mummy, change me"

mmmm, what a lovely way to great the day at 6.30am!

Mstr A soon appeared on the scene, and I breakfasted, washed & dressed all three in short order, giving myself 15 minutes before leaving for school to get all my college stuff together. 5 minutes later, Mstr A comes in, very tearful, to tell me he fwwls sick & can't go to school. Knowing my rule, he promptly takes himself off to bed, and I heave a guilty sigh of relief that I don't need to take all the kids out in the snow.

10 mins later he re-appears. "I feel a bit better now, can I play on my gameboy?"

Aha! That's what is is all about. I remind him that if he is too ill to go to school, he is too ill to do anything other than stay in his room and sleep (He hasn't worked out yet that he could read books up there, thankfully). He decides that actually, he could probably manage school after all.

ARGGGGGHHHHH! Run around, getting his school things together, finding coats, shoes, hats and gloves, rebuilding the pram, find spare key for Nanny A who is starting her Friday babysitting duties today, remove toys from LMD's mouth, remove LMB's foot from between banisters, remind Mstr A to get scooter, and shove all the children oput the door and start jogging down the road in 2 minutes flat!

Once at school, Mstr A miraculously starts feeling sick again. Methinks I spot a bout of schoolitus, and give him short shrift over it, suggesting he tries school for a while, and if he still feels sick after service, asks his teacher to phone me. then I explain his symptoms to his teacher and suggest that the lure of the gameboy is probably the strongest symptom displayed.

OK. Bundle the girls back into the pram. mention that we have to go fast, because I have college and Nanny a is coming to look after them, to be inundated by wails of "no go to work mummy. Stay at home with LMB"

"But you like Nanny A looking after you. She buys you sweeties!"

"No don't. Stay with mummy. No go to work. Stay with LMB mummy". sob, sob, screan, wail, throw myself out of the pram in distress, wail, sob.

Immediately follwed by howls of anger and cold from LMD, who is never one to miss out on a good screaming session.

Fine! get home. Cuddle children till they shut up. hand over to nanny A (ha ha), who has come armed with plenty of sweets, plus has already got the tv tuned to CBeebies, and jump on my bike down to college.

It's not even 9.30am yet!

Part 2 later. When I've written my lesson plans for tommorow.


  • At Saturday, February 25, 2006 3:57:00 am, Anonymous ~ Stacy ~ said…

    Yikes! I'm exhausted from reading that post. OMWord! Yeah, I can empathize with ya.

    I hope the rest of your weekend is less hectic and less, um ... filled with screaming children. :)


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