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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another reason to quit!

Being such a hard working and conscientious employee, I spent this afternoon (A Sunday) traipsing of to our local branch of Staples to buy some stationary. I have to use Staples as the company has an acount with them. I am only allowed to buy stationary in large amounts as they get upset if I send in lots of smll invoices, and I've been officially told to wait until I really need lots of things.

Back in August I tried to buy some stuff and had the card refused. It was pretty annoying, but the summer is a quiet time for us, so I assumed it was an oversight due to staff holidays, reported it, paid for the most urgent stuff myself & put it on my expences.

In September I went back, desperately in need of lots of stationary, including some presentation things for a new client. I spent an hour collecting the stuff & waiting for a till operator to turn up (Staples is crap at actually having staff there), just to be told that the card was refused as the company still had not paid their bill - since May.

I was pretty angry this time & sent a seething email into my head office, pointing out that I was leaving the country in two days & needed the equipment by then to look even remotely professional. I got an apology & a guarentee that it was all sorted out, they had spoken to Staples Account Services, and I could go back that afternoon to buy the things I needed. I went back the following morning and guess what? THEY HADN'T PAID THE BILL! The card was refused again. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone to account services begging them to make an exception, just this once. Much against her better judgement, the nice lady at Staples HO did that. She also said that no-one from my company had spoken to her about the issue at all, at any time. I sent a fuming email to my HO, but then forgot about it.

Today, I needed some fairly vital supplies - paper, pens, envelopes etc. The total came to about £75. And what do you know - THE CARD WAS REFUSED. Again. Still.

I can not lay out that sort of money, especially since I'll be lucky to get it repaid within 6 months judging on past experience. I also don't see why I should. So now I have to work without being able to write, print or send anything by post!

How hard can it be for a national company to pay an invoice, sent directly to their scoounts department each month? Or at least to send an email out to all card holders that the account is suspended so that we don't have to embarrass ourselves & waste time in the shops?


Only 3 weeks to go.


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