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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Can it get any worse?

So, having F***ed up organising the exam on Sunday already, I thought I'd be organised now & went off this morning to get all the paperwork ready to take with. Unfortunately, my paperwork storage is in the loft room, which is right under the roof, which, you may remember needs repairing. Therefore, unbeknownst to me the box holding all my documentation (including the completed & signed forms from the candidates) is now a mini indoor pond.

Insert various expletives of your choice here.

a lot.

So now I am going to have to get more forms, ask the candidates to fill them out again, and look like a total & complete idiot to them, the examiner (who is my boss, whopee), the host venue - who I've done lots of work with previously, but no more in the future I expect, and all the mentor coaches/clubs involved.

On top of that, i'm just really fed up at the moment. I very nearly chucked my job in altogether today. The only reason I didn't is because December is a bad time to be skint & a terrible time to get another job, but to be honest I'd rather go stack shelves in Tesco than stay much longer.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better - but it's not anything specific, it's the company's whole attitude that stinks, so I doubt things will change much.


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