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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Have I ever? Meme

I Found this Meme on Uisce, who took it from Green Duckies

Have I Ever?

What is your favorite...?
Gum: It's a long time since I ate gum, but the non-mint types: juicy fruit/hubba bubba....
Restaurant: Flute de Paris in Weston. Fantastic food at reasonable prices.
Drink: water
Season: Spring
Type of weather: Warm & sunny
Emotion: excited
Thing to do on a half day: right now - sleep! theoretically - Go look at old stuff with aggie
Late-night activity: Sleeping, if I'm lucky. Feeding the baby. Shushing the kids. Worrying about work.
Sport: to do -swimming. To watch- gymnastics.
City: Don't like cities - what's the smallest one?
Store: Don't like shopping, but I guess i can wander round John Lewis occasionally - but I never buy anything

When was the last time you...?
Cried: A ew weeks ago - I don't remember specifically. Tears of frustration!
Played a sport: What, like formally? No idea. Just doing something? I cycled on friday.
Laughed: 2 minutes ago at the kids
Hugged someone: 5 minutes ago - the kids!
Kissed someone: This morning when I woke up - Aggie, the kids, Aggie.
Felt depressed: 3am this morning dragging myself out of bed:-) No real depression for months at least - I guess maybe when Aggie went into hospital last.
Felt elated: My birthday
Felt overworked: Every minute of every day - I should be working now really.
Faked sick: three weeks ago - I faked how sick I was to get out of an overnight meeting, but I was truthfully sick & signed off by the dr. Last time I totally faked sick - I don't rememeber ever doing so.
Lied: Last night when I told LMB I'd be back in 5 minutes

What was the last...?
Word you said: No LMB!
Thing you ate: Choccy at the cinema last night
Song you listened to: No idea. Whatever was on radio 2 when we were having dinner last night
Thing you drank: Water after feeding LMD this morning
Movie you saw: Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire
Movie you rented: Polar Express (for the kids), House of Flying Daggers (for us) I think. we don't often rent films.
Concert you attended: Castle Donnington Monsters of Rock 1990! Unless you count Jools Holland at Uni, but I can't say I actually made much effort to hang around and see him play.

Who was the last person you...?
Hugged: Mstr A
Cried over: My brother
Kissed: Aggie
Danced with: Aggie, but it was some time ago now:-(
Shared a secret with: Aggie (this is getting boring now isn't it?)
Had a sleep over with: Well, assuming it doesn't mean Aggie? My mother? My sister? No-one very interesting!
Called: Work stuff
Went to a movie with: Aggie
Saw: Aggie
Were angry with: My mother
Couldn't take your eyes off of: well there was this nice bloke in the Harry Potter film....Oh Ok then, Aggie I suppose.

Have you ever...?
Danced in the rain: Yes, You bet. Its one nof lifes great experiences
Kissed someone: um yes, I think I might have managed this once or twice:-)
Done drugs: Yes, a few. Not for some yeqars tho, bloody kids:-(
Drank alcohol: Yes, since long before I was allowed to
Slept around: Depends on your definition of sleping around.....
Partied 'til the sun came up: Yes, often years ago
Had a movie marathon: we hold DVD parties here every now & then when we usually watch 3 films, so i guess that probably counts?
Gone too far on a dare: No, don't do dares
Spun until you were immensely dizzy: Yes, as a child and an adult:-)
Taken a survey quite like this before: Fairly similar I think.


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