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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What's going on?

Why isn't it Friday? It feels like Friday! How come I've still got pretty much the whole week to get through?


I spent most of today having a meeting about ClubMark. This particular club has got a lot of work to do to meet the criteria, so it was quite a long meeting, but what took up most of the day was the requirement to go there by bus. The club is only on the other side of town, and the bus goes there every 10 minutes, but by the time I walk myself & LMB & LMD to the bus-stop, waqit 15 mins for a bus to turn up (yes I know I said it was every 10 mins - go figure!), then drive all around every little laqne & estate for 35 mins, then walk to the club with LMB & LMD, an good hour has passed.

If I'd driven myself there it would have taken 10 mins, well maybe a max of 15 allowing for red lights! And the justification for not giving me a car is......?

Oh that's right, they don't have any justification, they can act illegally (as well as stupidly) because it's their policy.

Anyway, me & the girls are off to London tonight to stay with my mother for a couple of days. I kind of agreed to take LMB, LMd and cousi G into central London to see Santa. Don't ask why or how - I have avoided going into central London at all for 10 years, and before that didn't do Xmas or summer times there!

Blogging may be sporadic as a) my mother only has dial up and b) she doesn't know about my blog (or about blogs in general) & I have no intention of her finding out! Normal service will resume on Friday.

Roll on Friday!


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