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Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Birthday List

I found this on Mommyguilt's site, and thought what a clever idea

So, in no particular order, here's my list of 33 things I'd like for my 33rd birthday on the 20th (the great thing about this idea is every year you get to ask for more things):

  1. A full nights sleep, with lie-in
  2. A new roof
  3. A new job
  4. Or even better, enough money not to worry about working
  5. A whole new wardrobe full of clothes
  6. A thorough house clean
  7. An expensive holiday
  8. A TV in my bedroom
  9. Less paperwork
  10. Guaranteed Smoothskin for Mr A
  11. For my mother to accept my family
  12. And my sister to sort herself out
  13. To be debt free
  14. To finish the house/DIY jobs
  15. A good professional portrait of my family
  16. To clear out all the kids toys, without feeling guilty.
  17. A deck in my garden
  18. To catch up on my backlog of reading
  19. To see the new Harry Potter Film, with friends, without kids
  20. For my family to all be healthy & happy
  21. To have a group of local friends again
  22. To have a regular cleaner again
  23. A new car (just a little one)
  24. A motorbike to play on
  25. Unlimited cash
  26. Time alone with Mr A
  27. LMB to be out of nappies
  28. A professional make-over
  29. An extension so we can use the bathroom in the winter
  30. Lots of cholcolate, and chocolate products
  31. Good company & conversation at my birthday meal
  32. My pre-motherhood body back
  33. Some confirmed bookings for my work next year.


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