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Friday, October 28, 2005

Horaay for jealousy

Everything has it's uses. LMD has suddenly started drinking from a bottle/cup! Despite months of trying, pleading, starving & crying, I have never managed to even get it in her mouth without starting an angry screaming fit.

LMB has recently suddenly become interested in her Dolly again. She takes her Baybee everywhere with her - out in the pram, to bed, and feeds it with her little dolls baby bottle. "feed baybee" she yells glefully 20 or 30 times a day. Yesterday, she lost her dolls bottle & and was completely distraught. So I put a few cm of milk in a real bottle & gave it to her (Non-spill lids have so many uses). She was delighted & immediately started to feed her baybee. LMD likes to be involoved in everything LMB does, & can't stand the idea she might be missing out, so she crawls straight over and tries to steal the bottle. After a few tussles, I put some water in another bottle & give that to LMD to play with. She immediately sticks it her mouth & starts sucking!

Since then, she has hardly let the bottle out of her sight, and has drunk loads! This is so important to me as I do really want to start weaning her, but until she took some liquids I couldn't cut down the milk feeds safely. Now she's done it - I'm stopping her lunch time feed as of today.

So even jealousy has it's uses. All those fights over toys seem worthwhile now:-)


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