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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sleep deprivation AGAIN!

boo hiss & bah humbug to having kids.

I went off to bed at 11pm last night, feeling quite smug that LMD had gone down t 7.20 as she is supposed to, and had already woken, been fed & gone back to bed. I tucked in the other two, who wer both fast asleep, & crawled into my nice big, comfy, inviting bed.

two hours later, just as the clock ticked over to 1.07am, LMB wakes up screaming. I leap out of bed, settle her down, find all her cuddly toys, & go back to bed.

Two hours later, just as the clock ticks over to 3.14am, LMB wakes up screaming. I hope she;'ll shut up on her own, but Mr a gives in & goes o her. The volume increases "I want Mummy!". Sure she's going to wake everyone else up, I climb out of bed & sort her out. Not happy, I merely tell her it's night time & I'm going back to bed, goodnight. She whinges for a while, then falls asleep.

One hour later, just as the clock ticks over to 4.27am LMD wakes up. I stumble out of bed & feed her, then put her back down. she doesn't like this idea, feeling she has slept enough & needs some "coaxing" to go ack to sleep. I crawl back into my bed at 4.45am

One hour later at 6am the alarm goes off. Mr A decides it's too early & we go back to sleep.

one hour later at 7am, the alarm goes off again. mr a turns the light on, Mstr A wkaes up & chats at us, LMD wakes up for more milk. I give up & get up.

My head hurts

My throat hurts

All three children are being good, but noisy!

i have to go to work this afternoon.

With all the kids.

I also have to write a job application to be sent today at the latest.

today is not going to be fun!


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