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Monday, October 24, 2005

This weaning thing

It's raining in our house today, due to a lack of roof! Go see Aginoths blog for more details, I just can't be bothered to write about it all.

Anyway, that's not whats bothering me today. What's bothering me is this whole weaning lark. I know I've been through it twice before, but it just doesn't work with my kids. LMD is coming up to 9 months old now. I'm absolutely definite that I will not feed her past one year (I don't believe it's good for me, her, or anyone else we know). However, it doesn't seem to be working very well - she still likes to feed every 3 hours or so - although she usually manags to stretch to 6 hours at night.

it's not as though she doesn't take solids - she does. All types, with great enjoyment. She can happily stuff half a chicken breast, a whole potato & 5 or 6 broccoli florets for supper, but she still wants a full feed from me too. I have failed miserably at weaning her off even one feed a day. and as she wont take milk from a cup/bottle I can't even fob her off with something different.

With Mstr A I was very organised about everything, and as he had such a strong routine & happily took bottles (from anyone except me), I carefully cut out one feed a month, from 6 - 12 months old. But a) each one was really hard to take away, upsetting him & me, and b) I didn't really have to do much, as he was in full time child care.

With LMB, she just refused solids till about 9 months anyway, and then quickly grew loads of teeth & ate loads of family meals, filling herself up. although she always liked to finish it off with a feed, she wasn't too bothered if I didn't offer it.

LMD knows exactly what she wants & alternates screaming & clingy whinging until she gets it, irrelevant of how much real food shes eaten already. I just can't face the noise when I try to remove or even postpone a feed. Most people I meet say something like "oh, are you STILL feeding her? My angel weaned herself when she was x months old". Weaned herself!? What does that mean? How does that work? Do they just turn their nose up when you offer the breast? Cos I'm telling you That aint never going to happen with mine. Do you just say, here's your real food now, you won't be needing all that milk stuff anymore? Cos that's just patently untrue. Alternatively I meet with the other lot. You know, the ones that tell me little cutie breast-fed till he was 6 and a half, and what a well adjusted, secure & healthy lad he's turned into because of it. yeah right. That is not an option.

there must be a way to do this without the screaming - I just don't know what it is, & time is running out.


  • At Tuesday, October 25, 2005 1:59:00 pm, Blogger Mary P. said…

    Ah, all those helpful people and their smugly superior comparisons and their unsolited advice! They do us a good service, you know: just at the very moment your hands are twitching with the urge to brain your offspring, one of the Smug pops into view, and you want to brain them instead!! Your baby is saved!

    I've never quite understood those who claim "their baby weaned themselves", particularly at very early ages - prior to 6 months, say. I think momma's wishes, whether she was conscious of it or not, played a large part.

    This does not acount for you, who truly wish for a weaned baby! I weaned all mine from breast to cup at 13 months, without only a few sticky moments. Plus I've seen several hundred nursing mothers in one of my other jobs, so yes, there are one or two suggestions I could make, (with a lot more genuine expertise than Ms Smug with her One or Perfect Child/ren) but generally speaking, it's best to just let people muddle through on their own, I think.

    I find that's often the way, don't you? People with the least experience from which to offer advice, offer it with great enthusiasm; those with more experience know that there are a million ways to skin that particular cat, and just let people get on with it! If someone wants advice, they'll ask for it. Most people don't, thanks just the same!


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