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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Clowning around

A nice day today, which is good considering it was an awful night. LMB woke up around midnight & just would not accept having no dummy. Her screaming woke up LMD, who was confused about being awake at that time of night & also wouldn't go back down. Between the two of them I finally made to bed about 1.45am (I can't sleep through their crying, however much I want to). Of course LMD still woke for her 4am feed, and LMB still got up before 6am, so all in all, I didn't feel in tip top shape this morning.

We went down to watch the Clowns International Parade down Weston High Street, as they have been holding their annual meet here for the last few days. It always makes Weston fun for a few days, as clowns of all shapes, sizes & nationalities converge on us, but this is the first day we've had the time to see them this year. Mstr A proved how grown up he's getting, when I pointed out a very tall clown, & he told me that he was "on stilts, silly", and when I looked down to ask him if was sure I realised that he was as tall as my waist already!

LMB didn't ask for her dummy at all today, & only cried for 15 mins when she went to bed, so we're slowwly winning that fight. Mstr A made it through the whole day without being told off once, which was fantastic! I think he's finally worked out that he will have a better life if he can conform to social mores, and is learning how to do that in many situations.

I'm working again tomorrow - the final session of the Gymnastics Coaches course in Street, so here's hoping for a better nights sleep!


  • At Sunday, September 25, 2005 1:23:00 pm, Blogger Mary P. said…

    There you go. On far too few hours of interrupted sleep, you manage to find a few things to be pleased about. Well done. We'll make an optimist of you yet!!

  • At Monday, September 26, 2005 6:01:00 pm, Blogger Wyndham said…

    Clowns! Millions of them! All in one place! What I could do with a machine-gun there, I hate 'em!

    By the way that reminds me of the joke. The funeral of Coco the Clown took place yesterday. All his friends went in the same car.

    *Wyndham picks up his coat and quietly leaves.*


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