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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Clearing up

It's been a dull and uninteresting day today really, so feel free to ignore this post & wait for something more interesting to happen.

Nobody wanted to get up this morning - even LMB was still asleep past 7am, so it was a drag getting them all up & ready for school on time. Still, we did make it - with a screaming LMB in the pram & LMD in the back pack as she had a hissy fit when I turned the TV off. We even got there in time to join in with the "wake-up shake-up" aerobics session thats held each morning now. He loved it & I feel that I really ought to show support since I was involved in the marketing of the idea in the first place. LMB finally stopped screaming enough to join in, so that was good.

When we got home, LMB had a hissy fit cos I wouldn't allow her to ring the doorbell, & I got on with tidying up & catching up on the washing from the weekend. I cajoled LMB out of her tantrum by letting her play on her 'puter, then she started a new one when I packed everyone back into the pram to go down to town to pay in the nice big cheque I got for working at the weekend. Distracted her from this one with a sausage roll & carried her most of the way home as Mr A had the double buggy in the car, at work, with him.

Came home, re-wrote all my budget sheets for my idiot employers (well, cut & pasted all the info onto the new form, with it's one added line) while LMB & LMD watched teletubbies. Tried to phone a client four times, but he was constantly engaged, so I didn't bother trying to get hold of anyone else! Warned LMB it was nearly time to collect Mstr A from school so the TV would be turned off soon, she agreed that would be ok. I confirmed she understood what I had said, she repeated it back to me. I turned off the TV, LMB threw herself to the floor & had yet another hiss fit.

I fought her into coat, strapped her into the pram, dumped LMD into the back pack again & went off to collect Mstr A. LMB was still crying when we got to school, picked up Mstr A, & walked home, so I tried to take her out of the pram, at which point she renewed her screaming, as she WANTED to be strapped in!

Tried to cook some nice supper, but discovered all the food had gone off while we were away, so threw it all away & made do with frozen rubbish! I'm all ready to settle down to an evening of great TV tonight, except LMD is wide awake & very noisy.

I'm off again for a couple of days tomorrow, but I think I'll sort everything out in the morning - i just can't be bothered tonight.


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