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Monday, October 17, 2005

I remember this feeling.....

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend - We've been away! Nowhere very exciting, just to my Mothers in NE London, but it was a good weekend all the same.

We went up on Friday night, so had all day Saturday to just relax & do stuff without feeling guilty for not getting on with house work/shopping/DIY/work etc. Went wandering in Epping Forest with the kids & Mastr A showed a healthy interest in learning about the different trees & stuff - which is something I've always wanted to know about. We've got some books, so we'll have to try & go out regularly enough for him to learn it all just by association. we also collected some whopping conkers & Mr A taught mstr A & LMB how to play conkers in the traditional, time honoured way. Mstr A won:-) I've promised he can take a conker into school to show his friends, although it can not be his oner, as conkers on strings are banned at his school for H&S reasons!

In the evening & put the two bigger kids to bed with their cousin(same age as LMB) & my mums, then escaped for the evening to my sisters. It was her 35th birthday, and I had a grown up evening of drinking, smoking (passively only, as Mr A gave me a "look" & reminded me that I'm still feeding LMD), chatting, waving both arms around & generally being me. I can't even remember the last time i drank alcohol at all, let alone in company. I had a really good time, and remembered what life used to feel like!

Sadly we had to leave early as I was working all day Sunday. Still, it was nice to get out, without worrying about the kids all the time.

Spent all day Sunday working, teaching First Aid to a bunch of Gymnastics Coaches in East London. It went well - everyone passed (although it's not a very difficult course). My mum took LMB & cousin off for the whole morning, so Mr A only had LMD & mstr A, who were apparently both angels, playing together, helping tidy up, eating everything & not screaming at all. It makes my work SO less stressful when I know the kids are happy. I finished at 6pm, went back to my mums, packed everything up (mr A can't manage to look after kids & pack our stuff during the day) & headed back home through the Sunday traffic.

I felt really smug that all the drinking & late night didn't affect me at all on Sunday (I always used to be a great drinker - the drunker I got, the earlier I wake up & bthe more likely I am to cook everyone breakfast!). Unfortunately someone thought I deserved punishing cos I feel crap today - not sure if it's the weekend catching up or the start of a cold, but just can't find any energy or enthusiasm today at all.


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