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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sibling Rivalry

The perils of children overhearing the most innocuous of comments.....

"Mummy, you have too many children" asserted Mstr A while I was trying to get them all strapped into the car this morning.
I answer him a bit distractedly, as I fight LMD into her straps, "do I darling? What should I do about it then?
"Get rid of one" he confidently answers
"oh" say I, slightly taken aback, "who should we get rid of? You? you are the oldest & maybe I should keep the newer ones around a bit longer"
"No mummy, get rid of (LMB). I don't like her. She kicks me at breakfast time when you're not looking"
"umm, where would we put her, she needs a mummy and daddy to look after her"
"give her to the people next door. They think she's cute"

you can't argue with his logic or reasoning!


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